STEADY  is a Bible Study Experience Like No Other
Is your life a swirl of...
           joy and frustration, 
               lament and praise, 
                  exhaustion and energy? 

Ours is too. And while some cycling of ups and downs is to be expected, we are on a quest to discover the unwavering center that draws us back to the heart of the Father, no matter the circumstance.

What better place to make sense of life’s epiphanies and tragedies than the book of Psalms? David and Friends take us on a journey exploring the human condition in all its contradictions, but always returning to the steady certainty of God’s love that will never let us down. 
Hey there!
We know there are a lot of Bible studies to choose from.  The Flourish Bible Study Experience is a unique Bible study, as it is based on the strength of three cords: (1) The Word, (2) Our Testimony, and (3) Practical Tools.  Ecclesiastes 4:12 says "a cord of three strands is not quickly broken."  We have found that when ladies are a part of a Bible Study Experience, they secure victory like never before. 

Will you consider joining us? This is a journey best shared in a safe place with faithful followers who continually point to Christ as the source....women who flourish! 
Join us as we Dig Deeper into the Book of Psalms
During this study, we will explore six passages in the Psalms to discover the qualities of a heart that remains steady on the path of life, secure in God’s love, resilient in the journey.
  •  Week 1:  Steady on the path
  •  Week 2:  Secure in God's love
  •  Week 3:  Confident in the journey
  •  Week 4:  Flourishing where planted
  •  Week 5:  Thriving in relationships
  •  Week 6:  Resolute in His promises
Each woman who chooses to dig into the book of Psalms with us can expect to flourish in confidence, certainty and courage.

Confidence: You will receive tools for Bible study and prayer that you can use to open the Bible for yourself, knowing that you will hear God speak.

Certainty: Into your heart will be deposited a certainty that God is faithful, that there is nothing too messy or broken for Him.

Courage: With renewed confidence and certainty, you will be amazed at the courage that will fill your heart. You can start to dream again, to believe that what God has spoken will come to pass . . . maybe not as quickly as you thought, but the Lord is at work to see His purposes accomplished in your life. 
Here is a sneak peek inside our devotional & study journal...
Be part of a flourishing community...
Flourish is a gathering of women who passionately pursue God and His Word. We encourage one another through genuine, transparent relationships which equip us to thrive where we are planted and impact our world for the glory of God.

We all need genuine friends who love us as we are, sometimes tender, sometime tough. Two are better than one -- if we’re going to thrive we need God and we need each other. Your world needs you to be the girl God created you to be. We need your story to show God’s story to this generation. Do you want to grow and burst into bloom? Come on and Flourish with us.
There's always a little something extra! 

Bonus video devotionals & interviews

We're excited to partner with women throughout the country that are passionate about encouraging women to dig into God's Word. Each week we will share bonus interviews that will inspire and equip you in your faith. 

6 Scripture Art Prints

Each week you receive a new meditation verse designed as printable art. Place it in a prominent place so that you will see the verse often and meditate on it throughout your week. These beautiful art prints make stunning gifts for yourself or another.
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Steady: Psalms Bible Study Experience

  • STEADY Devotional & Study Journal *digital PDF file
  • Bonus video devotionals & group interviews
  • 6 printable scripture art prints
About us
Hey there! You found us, Mindy and Jenny, two chocolate lovers whose favorite hobby is to lavish our friends with encouragement. Sharing our God stories with you is our passion, even more blissful than a pedicure -- truly! We created Flourish as a gathering place for women to be encouraged, equipped and genuinely connected with one another. So grab a drink, stay a while, and become a part of the Flourish community.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Steady Bible Study Experience?
It's an opportunity to engage with God’s Word supported by the power of community. Each participant will be equipped with practical tools and personal testimonies. The study features six scriptures that are covered in-depth, opening the richness and power of God’s Word like never before. 
Why are you calling it an experience?
We believe that when we intentionally dig into God's Word, we will experience the power found there.(Matthew 7:7) By engaging together, we harness the power of community and accountability to give each participant the tools for success.
How long will it take me each day?
We have created the study to take between 15-30 minutes per day.
What do I receive? 
You will receive a STEADY devotional and Bible Study Ebook. This will be delivered to you by email. We have also created 6 printable art prints and bonus content to enrich your experience in our private Facebook group.
What's the schedule for the Bible study?
We are getting started on Monday August 14th. The study is designed to take six weeks, but it is self-paced. You will have all the content forever, so you can take it slowly if needed.
How much does it cost?
The STEADY Devotional & Bible study journal is $10. 
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